Resources List Below:

Teacher Led: Bubble Burst

Odd/even numbers

Teacher Led: Vowel Digraphs 1-2

Challenge to create words with vowel digraphs

Teacher Led: Alphabet Speed K-1

BBC Schools: Science K-1 or 1-2

BBC Schools: All Subjects Ages 4-11 Numeracy and Science

BBC Schools: Little Animal Math K-1

BBC Schools: Little Animal Reading

BBC School Radio: Nursery Rhymes

BBC Schools: KS1 Bitesize

BBC Schools: KS1 Bitesize Alphabetical Adventure

BBC Schools: KS1 Bitesize Number Sequence

BBC Schools: Starship Math Number Jumbler

Read Write Think: Make Words K-2

Read Write Think: Picture Match

Read Write Think: Acrostic Poem 1-2

Read Write Think: Construct Words 1-2

Read Write Think: Puzzle Me Words 1-2

Read Write and Think: Timeline 1-2

Read Write Think: Word Wizard 1-2

Read Write Think: What’s in the Bag 1-2

Read Write Think: Word Sort 1-2

Read Write Think: Alphabet Organizer 2

Read Write Think: Letter Generator 2

Read Write Think: Post Card Generator 2

Number Nut: Basic Math

Little Fingers: Colors K

Little Fingers: Which Flower K-1

Little Fingers: Flashlight Fun K-1

Little Fingers: Which One Is… K-1

Little Fingers: Patterns K-2

Little Fingers: Alphabetizing 1-2

Little Fingers: Hat Shop 1-2

Little Fingers: How Many Syllables? 1-2

Little Fingers: Math Match 1-2

Sheppard Software: Math (Early Math)

Sheppard Software: PK and Kinder

Sheppard Software: Science

Arcademic Skill Builders: Games

Kinder = Jumping Chicks (# recog), Koala Karts (count), Puppy Hop (letter recog); 1st = Alien Addition (=), Ducky Race (-), Kitten Hop (word recog), Kitten Match (+), Sailboat Sub (-), Tugboat Add (+); 2nd = Kangaroo Hop (shapes), Dolphin Dash (money), Dolphin Feed (money)

Toy Theater: Math and Reading K-2