2016 Castroville Fire Department Visit

2016 Castroville Fire Department Visit
Posted on 10/25/2016
Castroville Elementary didn’t have a 911 emergency, but we did have the Castroville Fire Department visit our school to help children learn about Fire Safety.  Our little panthers truly had an authentic hands experience with the fire fighters that visited our school in their fire truck.  

“There was a pumper truck and a brush truck.  We got to shoot water at a little house.  It was awesome!” said, Cinco Stolte.

Children were given the opportunity to put out a “play painted fire” on a wooden house that the department took their time to bring over.  These firefighters helped our children learn numerous fire safety tips that could possibly not only save their own lives, but also many family and friends’ lives.  

“Firefighters are heros.  Don’t forget to Stop, Drop, and Roll.” Hayden Haby.

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